Current Fashions and Interior Design

Invariably people ask designers what is "in style". It is fairly easy to keep abreast of what is generally "current" by perusing many of the monthly publications that cover the decorative arts and interior design. But just what is "current"? Very often what is "in" reflects what is made to sell and what consumers are buying. As to which is the prime driver of "current style", the seller or the buyer, that is more difficult to say.

The range of choices in furniture, fabrics, surface materials, window coverings, flooring, carpeting, windows, doors, closet arrangements, bath and kitchen fixtures and appliances is staggering. As for color, because the universe contains an infinite palette of colors, appealing color combinations are limitless.

Therefore, it is important to distinguish between what is being promoted or featured vs. the unique environments that a designer can create -- with client tastes and aesthetic interests in mind, together with a designer's vision and his/her imagination in pulling it all together in a stylish way with flair, drama and/or great visual appeal.

Keep in mind, also, that it is easier to follow fashion with the purchase of less expensive items. Costly goods represent a more substantial investment of dollars and time; seldom will you want to change out all the furniture in a room in order to update it. Sometimes, changing a color, some room elements, window treatments or a few accessories are sufficient to update a room.

If you are not in a position to furnish or refurbish a room or several rooms completely and concurrently, it is a good idea to plan a project with a designer initially so that the project can be completed in stages in a coordinated way. This will help to ensure that the completed project will have a unified look. In the planning stages of such a project, you and your designer can agree on some of the major design elements such as a color scheme, texture (fabrics, carpeting, wall coverings) and style (casual/ formal/cozy, light /dark, traditional/contemporary, simple/elaborate, etc.). By all means, what you want to achieve in the end is a very coordinated look overall.

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