The Artful Eye Does Mansion in May 2001!

The Artful Eye is pleased to announce that it will be participating in this year's Mansion in May!!!

The Women's Association of Morristown Memorial Hospital is hosting the 11th "Mansion in May" Designer Showhouse and Gardens at the Ellerslea mansion in Morris Township, New Jersey from April 29 through May 31, 2001. Proceeds from the Mansion in May 2001 will benefit the Goryeb Children's Center at Morristown Memorial Hospital, and the event is being sponsored by the Toys "R" Us Children's Fund.

Leading area designers and decorative artists will decorate 37 areas within the turn of the century Victorian mansion, which contains 13 bedrooms, eight fireplaces and six and one half bathrooms within its 8000 square feet. The neo-classic European craftsmanship and unique three-story staircase and foyer are unparalleled in the area. Landscape architects and contractors will be designing 17 garden areas featuring the finest landscaped grounds. In addition, boutiques and luncheon facilities also will be part of the mansion's attractions.

The Artful Eye will be doing A Naturalist's Study, Room 29, which will also serve as the Designers' Sales Office.

A description of the room and its design concept is as follows:

Step into a Naturalist's Study to observe the myriad patterns and designs of the natural world, its bountiful shapes, colors, creatures and artifacts -- all things that draw us to nature for inspiration, nourishment, joy and solace. Stylistically, the Naturalist's Study spans the Arts and Crafts period through late Victorian, to present day - with interpretations of classic styles and new renditions of natural forms by using a combination of computer technology, mathematics and photography. Most of the decorative elements and accessories in the study were handmade and reveal a strong bond with nature's patterns and materials.

Some additional notes:

A Naturalist is one who studies the natural world, so we'll find in the room many examples of nature's shapes, colors, creatures and artifacts, mainly colorful and sculptural examples of minerals, shells, insects, plant and animal forms.

In keeping with the Arts and Crafts tradition of hand crafted furniture and accessories, most of the accessories have been hand made or made by nature. Some of the room's major pieces include a solid cherry, hand made Shaker style arm chair (made by Duckloe Bros. of Portland, PA), a 3-panel floor screen made of rice paper and handmade paper with natural artifacts sewn onto it; an Art Nouveau style antique bird cage; hand painted exotic birds done by an unknown artist; a trompe l'oeil door panel being done by a local decorative artist, Pat McWhorter of Madison; hand painted (in Italy) floral and bird prints; hand made sconces; a fabric hanging made from an antique kimono and various silks, plus some aboriginal art! The carpet, from J&S Designer Flooring of Morristown, NJ , is a Belgium made, 100% wool piece in a golden straw color and was made to look like sisal.

Underlying the design concept is a passion for and reverence of nature, plus an acknowledgment of how intertwined our lives are with the natural world, especially in art and design. What will also be illustrated in the room's décor is how closely related art, science and nature really are and how strongly influenced our lives are by the colors, shapes, sounds and artifacts of the natural world.

The Mansion in May 2001 Designer Showhouse and Gardens will be open to the public during the month of May, Monday through Saturday 10:00 am to 3:00 pm and Sunday from noon to 4 pm. Admission is $25. The admission price for senior citizens 62 and older is $20. Advanced ticket sales are $22.

We hope this has been helpful to you. Please share your thoughts or questions with us.

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