Signature Styles

Many people have asked if our firm,The Artful Eye – Interior Design Resources, has a “signature style”.

Our approach to design and décor is to have a finished room reflect the aesthetic preferences of our clients while also reflecting good taste and adherence to the principles of good interior design. We view our role as helping our clients discover their aesthetic preferences and to express them with the help of our input, guidance and professional expertise. Projects are a partnership between client and designer, so open and frequent communication with our clients is key to a well managed and successful project.

We prefer not to associate our firm with a certain identifiable look, believing that to do so may stifle our creativity and the uniqueness of each project. Thus, we do not follow a “cookbook” approach to design and décor that consistently results in an identifiable “look”, appreciating the fact that each client and each project is unique.

Often, our clients will make discoveries about their preferences and needs as projects unfold because of the breadth of resources and choices that we bring to our clients. Therefore, it is important for clients, even those who bring some specific ideas to a project, to also bring an open mind to their projects in order to more freely receive our suggestions and guidance.

We do pride ourselves on having a thorough knowledge of the decorative arts, antiques, and all period styles expressed in furniture, floor and wall treatments, window treatments and accessories appropriate to a particular historic period. Our in-depth knowledge of the decorative arts and architectural styles, from Egyptian through the 21st century, has been achieved through our experience, formal coursework and continued studies at various institutions, chiefly Parsons School of Design, Sotheby's Institute of Art, and the School of Visual Arts in New York City. Memberships in the National Trust for Historic Preservation and in various historic homes, notably Lyndhurst, Middleton Place, and Drayton Hall, plus visits to historic homes and decorative arts museums - from Maine to Georgia - have also enhanced our understanding and appreciation of period styles and décor.

What we do tell our clients is that there is much inspiration that can be derived from nature and that color is an important component of our lives, both mentally and emotionally. We strive to integrate these important elements into a project, while incorporating our clients' needs and preferences, guided by our understanding of design principles, our strong base of knowledge in the decorative arts and our artistry in creating a harmonious living space.

Ultimately, our goal is to hear our clients tell us that they not only love the way a room has turned out, but that they also derive a great deal of pleasure from their new environment because of all the things that have come together: color, fabric, textures, furniture arrangements, accessories, carpeting, lighting, window treatments – all working together to create a more livable and visually enjoyable place.

Jan Middleton, Principal